Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Made a Game with Invaders from Space in It

Rather than unceremoniously allowing this cacophonous clutter of files to awkwardly loiter about this webspace, with nary a stated purpose or adequate explanation to justify its existence, I imagine that I should give some backstory as to the nature of this post. A few weeks ago, it was a friend of mine's birthday, and-- this friend not being the type to burden others with the implied social obligation of the happy birthday wish-- I only stumbled upon the knowledge of his birthday a few days prior. Nevertheless, it is a fairly long-standing tradition of mine to write happy birthday programs for my friends, so, by virtue of our mutual affinity for retro gaming, I resolved to write a birthday themed Space Invaders clone from scratch in three days. The crude amalgam of files previously mentioned is a hasty retooling of said program that eliminates the personalization and birthday theme. I thought that someone might find some enjoyment or, barring that, vague amusement in the program. Perhaps, if the demand inexplicably exists, I can release the unedited code in the future.

For those interested, here is a link to a .zip file containing the program, the resource files, and the source code. I would encourage mucking about with the resource files; several aspects of the game's graphics can be altered by changing them. It should also be noted that the program is written for those using Windows. However, if requested, I can attempt to adapt it for Linux.

IMPORTANT: To those intending to play the game, I should warn you that, depending on your hardware, there may be substantial screen flicker. Consequently, I must strongly caution those sensitive to such flickering.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello World

I suppose, in situations such as these, some sort of an introduction is in order-- one that establishes the intentions of this particular smattering of wayward data packets about the air. That said, I had best get on with it, lest I allow the pretension of actually having an audience to whom I may introduce myself bog this inauguration down with trivial concerns of witticism. With regards to the more extraneous, surface details of my identity, I am quite certain that Google has already furnished you with more than you ever cared to know through my profile, but, in the event that you are in need of reinforcement, my name is Kyle. However, as with any individual, my identity is less in my name, hometown, college, etc. and more in the combination of events, thoughts, and passions that comprise my life and in the quirks that emerge from that combination. As I am certain will come as a relief to all those who have perplexingly chosen to read this far, this blog will happily omit the rather dull events surrounding my life and focus on the more abstract and interesting snippets of madness concerning topics ranging from my programming endeavors to the nature of life, to gaming, to literature, etc. that occasionally happen to flow into my stream of consciousness. In short, I would advise you to expect the unexpected from this blog, but, as with all things, structure is a matter of the moment, and the unexpected is inevitable.