Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Made a Game with Invaders from Space in It

Rather than unceremoniously allowing this cacophonous clutter of files to awkwardly loiter about this webspace, with nary a stated purpose or adequate explanation to justify its existence, I imagine that I should give some backstory as to the nature of this post. A few weeks ago, it was a friend of mine's birthday, and-- this friend not being the type to burden others with the implied social obligation of the happy birthday wish-- I only stumbled upon the knowledge of his birthday a few days prior. Nevertheless, it is a fairly long-standing tradition of mine to write happy birthday programs for my friends, so, by virtue of our mutual affinity for retro gaming, I resolved to write a birthday themed Space Invaders clone from scratch in three days. The crude amalgam of files previously mentioned is a hasty retooling of said program that eliminates the personalization and birthday theme. I thought that someone might find some enjoyment or, barring that, vague amusement in the program. Perhaps, if the demand inexplicably exists, I can release the unedited code in the future.

For those interested, here is a link to a .zip file containing the program, the resource files, and the source code. I would encourage mucking about with the resource files; several aspects of the game's graphics can be altered by changing them. It should also be noted that the program is written for those using Windows. However, if requested, I can attempt to adapt it for Linux.

IMPORTANT: To those intending to play the game, I should warn you that, depending on your hardware, there may be substantial screen flicker. Consequently, I must strongly caution those sensitive to such flickering.