Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As the title of this post surely betrays, the next update on the TEROS Engine has been uploaded, and, as promised in my INDEV post, this update contains a sizable amount of footage showcasing the engine's ability to render multiple camera angles. Aside from the droves of small tweaks to the engine in INDEV, the main addition in this latest build is the implementation of positional and rotational object linking. In positional and rotational object linking, if one of two or more linked objects is displaced or rotated, the object(s) linked to that object are also displaced or rotated the same amount and on the same axis. In later half of the video below, I demonstrate object linking and show how linking can be used to create complex objects with moving parts.

INDEV marks a fairly significant development in the engine's progress, as there are only a few additional changes-- further optimizing the texturing and line drawing algorithms, adding a camera zoom feature, and re-enabling wireframe texturing mode-- that need to be implemented before I release the source code to the public and the engine moves from INDEV to beta.