Saturday, July 13, 2013

TEROS Engine BETA Public Release

Recently, I found the time to make the improvements to the TEROS Engine that I promised in my last update. I optimized the polygon texturing algorithm , added support for wire-frame mode, reworked and optimized the line drawing algorithm, and added a zoom feature to the camera class. With these changes, I believe it is finally time for the TEROS Engine to exit development and begin beta testing. So, without further ado, here it is-- the source code for the build of the TEROS Engine. The .rar archive I have linked contains the header file, the .cpp file, and the documentation for the TEROS Engine.

For those of you not familiar with how to compile with external libraries and who use g++, the command to compile with teros.cpp is "g++ -g [insert your .cpp file name here] teros.cpp -o [insert your executable name here]".

In the near future, I might make a video demo of BETA However, barring that, I am inclined to believe that development will slow down in the future. The entire purpose of a beta is to work out the bugs by having external users test the software, and I do not imagine there will be many people rushing to use the TEROS Engine for their projects. Nevertheless, I will, at least, keep pace with the public demand for more content on the engine.

As a side note, the documentation for the engine was done all in one sitting in Notepad. So, if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, I apologize. I wasn't quite seeing straight by the end of it. On that note, please feel free to contact me about any ambiguities, general vagueness, spelling mistakes, etc. in the documentation; I will be sure to update the documentation as necessary. Additionally, I would greatly appreciate feedback on the engine's code. Rest assured that any bugs found will be promptly amended.

One final remark-- in the unlikely circumstance that someone would actually like to code with my engine, I do ask that you cite my role in the engine's development in your work.