Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TEROS Engine BETA Supplementary Video Demo

After a fairly lengthy TEROS Engine development hiatus, I am happy to announce that the engine has gained some interest from third party developers. Hopefully, moving forward, the beta development process will allow me to further improve the engine and release some build updates. Moreover, prior to this recent surge in interest, I was editing a supplementary video demonstration of BETA to showcase the engine's abilities to render more graphically intensive outputs, so, without further ado, here it is:

Additionally, if the demand exists, I am considering writing an addendum to the TEROS Engine's graphics library that will contain game development tools, such as text parsing and level editing functions and classes.

EDIT: Given the recent surge in interest surrounding the TEROS Engine, I have been requested to write a simple tutorial on program development using the TEROS Engine, and, as a first step to fulfilling this request, I have written a few simple examples on how to use the engine's basic functions. These examples will be included in all future download links to the TEROS Engine. In the future, I will likely write more in-depth tutorials, but, for the time being, I hope that this will tide over anyone interested in learning how to use the engine.