Monday, May 25, 2015

TEROS Engine BETA Video Update

     As promised in my last post, I have completed the video update for version of the TEROS Engine. In the video, I go over the new NPolygon class in depth, and I demonstrate the usage of the .STL to .TR3 file conversion software that has been bundled with version

     As per usual, I hope that this latest release will generate some interest in the TEROS Engine, but, if nothing else, this update was definitely an exciting challenge to bring from the drawing board to reality.

Friday, May 22, 2015


     Back from the dead after almost a full year of developmental hiatus, the latest version of the TEROS Engine--BETA finally here. In the last video update--BETA mentioned that the engine was unlikely to see any further updates until I received feedback from beta users. Ultimately, such feedback was never received, but I did finally come up with a new feature to add to the engine--arbitrarily many-sided polygons. Previously, the TEROS Engine only supported triangular polygons; in this update, a new object class--the NPolygon class--has been added to implement polygons of any geometry and complexity.

An example of an NPolygon object.

      In addition to the creation of the NPolygon class, a .docx version of the TEROS Engine documentation file has been created for version to provide a more convenient reference manual. Moreover, I have created an .STL to .TR3 file conversion program that should enable potential TEROS Engine developers to create 3D models in existing modeling software, save said models as stereolithography files (.STL), and convert them for use with the TEROS Engine.

As per usual, a download of version can be found on my GitHub page and on my Google Drive account. Furthermore, a video update for this new version is in the works.